Buying Japanese KitKats in Tokyo in 2024

KitKats were always popular in Japan but, due to the COVID pandemic, all the official KitKat shops had to close down. Only one is remaining, hidden in a mall in Ikebukuro but it's pretty bad, without much choice.

Let's be honest, this is definitely a sad news for all the KitKats lovers out there. Fortunately, if you are already in Tokyo and looking for your favorite chocolats bars, we have the solution for you!

Our partner shop

We've partnered with a japanese coffee shop in central Tokyo, right next to Akihabara, to help you purchase our famous "KitKat Box", an assortment of the best KitKats from Japan. Because we save on shipping, the price is also lower than buy from our online store.

This should definitely be on your Japan bucket list if you're a KitKat lover.

> Link to the coffee shop <

The shop also features delicious coffee and homemade sweets, ideal for a quick snack during your trip to Japan.

Other store

Now if you are looking for individual packs, you might get lucky going to candy shops, Don Quijote, convenience stores, or souvenir shops. But these usually do not have much in stock and never sell the latest flavors. Which makes sense because their main target is the average japanese consumer, that is very likely to prefer standard KitKats during her 4pm break!

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