If you reached this page, it means you probably want to know more about the little story behind "KitKat from Japan".

It all started in 2020, as COVID-19 was spreading, and it became impossible for foreigners like us to go home. Stuck in Japan, away from our families, we decided to send them some japanese treats.

They LOVED it.

From that point on, we built an online shop that was selling various snacks, shipping them from Japan, to the world. Tokyo Snack Box was born.

After shipping more than 6,500 orders, we noticed a pattern : our customers loved the uniqueness of KitKats from Japan.

So, early 2023, we've decided to focus on that product and try to bring the best KitKat from Japan to the rest of the world.

And if you're ever visting Japan, feel free to drop by our store in central Tokyo, in partnership with a coffee shop: The Coffee Counter. There, you will be able to purchase an assortment of KitKats and we're also serving delicious coffee, sweet snacks (cookies, brownies, banana bread, scones etc..) and sandwiches.

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